Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'm Back

Where have I been? Elsewhere. Writing music, going out, walking on the beach. Three of the Pirates' first several series this year were against the Cubs or Padres, two teams I get on television, so I watched several games. Jeez, it was tough - it was hard to watch knowing that if the other team got a lead, the Pirates were pretty much toast.

The offense this year has been horrible, which is the worst kind of horrible to be. When Ryan Vogelsong comes out to pitch, I groan, but at least I get to see the other team's players hit the ball hard. When the Pirates come out to hit, I get a bunch of weak grounders, which are no fun at all.

I don't like Lloyd McClendon much, but I have to give him credit for finding some playing time for some bench players - Freddy Sanchez, Bobby Hill, Dave Ross - who have managed to do something on offense. Jack Wilson, Ty Wigginton and Tike Redman have been beyond terrible; Craig Wilson has at least managed to get on base, but he hasn't done anything else.

Throughout all this, the Pirates' front office has been inexplicable; the only move they've made is to reacquire Abraham Nunez, who's just as pointless and poorly suited to the Pirates' needs as he was the first time around.

Bob Smizik points out that the Pirates will have a decision to make soon - Benito Santiago can come off the DL, so the Pirates will have to decide what to do about their catchers. Smizik thinks the Pirates should cut Santiago. He's absolutely right.


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