Sunday, February 20, 2005

New News

As if being a Pirates fan didn't feel bad enough.

Tike Redman on steroid use:

"Me, I've never done steroids. Everything I do is natural," he said. "But some guys, they come out there and hitting these bombs and these liners to the gaps like ... as soon as the ball comes off the bat, you can't move quick enough. It's already by you. I'm not talking about the moon-shot home runs. I'm talking about the line drives. You wouldn't believe it."

Got that? It's not Tike's fault his defense reeks, it's the 'roids. His failure to "move quick enough" wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that his routes to the ball look like a staircase turned on its side. Oh no.

J.R. House may be done for the season:

House learned yesterday from the Pirates' medical staff that he has a dual injury in his right shoulder, a torn labrum and a 30 percent tear of the rotator cuff... Although House described the injury as chronic, he pinpointed the start of the current trouble to his ninth game in the Dominican Republic's winter league two months ago... General manager Dave Littlefield said the Pirates were aware of House's chronic shoulder pain for an extended period of time.

Wait a minute - what is a catcher with chronic shoulder pain doing playing winter ball? That's a serious question. Is it common for teams to treat players this way?

Oliver Perez is reporting shoulder problems. Uh oh.

In the same article, the Eric Byrnes buzz continues. I like Byrnes just fine, but he's 29, he's not a great player, and I'm terrified of what will happen if Littlefield tries to trade with Billy Beane again. Most of the rumors suggest that the price for Byrnes will be a prospect or two. The Pirates' young talent was never all that good to begin with, and in the last six months Littlefield has traded one prospect, dumped several others, and had three important ones (John VanBenschoten, Sean Burnett and House) go down with major injuries. Please, let's stop trading prospects for roster spaces and other players who aren't that good.


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