Wednesday, November 24, 2004

J.J. Davis Trade

The Pirates traded J.J. Davis to the Washington Nationals today for the young outfielder Antonio Sucre. Given the circumstances - Davis was a goner no matter what - the Pirates did fairly well for themselves, acquiring a player who, coincidentally, seems to be a younger and slightly inferior version of Davis himself. (You may have to read that last sentence a couple times - its logic only applies in the Pirates' bizarro universe.)

Sucre will be 22 next year. He spent last year in the Class A South Atlantic League. His numbers weren't spectacular, but his power developed a bit, with eight homers and 22 extra-base hits in 363 at bats. He also drew a reasonable number of walks. Like Davis, however, he struck out a ton, which makes me wonder whether he'll be able to make contact at higher levels. Also like a young Davis, his tools and upside are supposed to be terrific - unlike Davis, though, he hasn't yet managed to turn those attributes into good performance.


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