Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Pirate Scouting Report

Wilbur Miller's outstanding Pirate Scouting Report has updated player bios for every, or nearly every, player in the Pirates system. Many of the bios, especially at the majors and higher levels of the minors, are extensive, and Miller's analyses are wise and fun to read. Go there now - you'll learn some things no matter how closely you follow the Pirates.

From Paul Meyer's Q+A today:

One thing the Pirates could do, Brian, is move Jason Bay from left field to center field. Manager Lloyd McClendon has said often that center field is Bay's best position. He can run. He has a good arm. I could see that happening if the Pirates determine that Redman isn't a regular. The Pirates have a lot of "nice" players, but they need more good players. Putting Bay in center field probably would make the Pirates stronger up the middle, where they're already pretty decent -- Jason Kendall at catcher, Jack Wilson at shortstop and Jose Castillo at second base. Thing is, if the Pirates move Bay to center field, who will play left field?

Uh, not Tike Redman? But let's back up a second:

Putting Bay in center field probably would make the Pirates stronger up the middle...

If that's the case, it is mind-boggling that the Pirates didn't just move Bay there earlier this year and let J.J. Davis or Tony Alvarez play left.


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