Saturday, October 16, 2004

Baseball and Sweatshops

It's good that someone is writing about this.

Part of the reason I like baseball so much is that it creates a self-contained world. The world of players, coaches and umpires is basically circumscribed, and the relationships between individuals are clear and, for the most part, measurable. To some degree, I am able to separate baseball from the real world.

It is easy to forget that baseball is actually just a part of the real world, a big business that can be just as nasty as many other big businesses.

So I can understand why fans think this way:

For Miller's efforts on the sidewalks outside PNC Park, there is no evidence Pirates fans have rallied to the workers' cause.

He conceded that when he tells fans that, for instance, Chuck Tanner figurine dolls were made by Chinese workers forced to work 20-plus hour shifts, fans say, "Why are you trying to interrupt our nice day at the ballpark?"

...Even though they probably know in their hearts they should want to know about the conditions of workers who make the MLB products they buy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charlie, how/what is your daughter annie doing? I went to gradeschool with her, and every time i see this site or see your comments in the pirates mailbag, i think of her.

1:54 AM  
Blogger Charlie said...

she's my sister, not my daughter, and she's fine! write me an email (there's a link in the side column) if you'd like to know anything specific.

3:46 AM  
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