Thursday, July 22, 2004

Pirates Vs. Braves, 21 July 2004

Last night's game may have been the Pirates' most important of the season. Kris Benson, who may be traded before his next start, was excellent:

IP 8.0 H 5 ER 2 R 2 BB 0 K 4 HR 0

This start should increase the Pirates' chances of trading him for a potential impact player.

On a side note, Randall Simon's mendozocrity continued. I've disagreed with the Pirates' use of Simon many times before, but now I'd like to take back all the things I've said. I now derive a perverse sort of pleasure from checking the box score and the recap each night to see how bad things have gotten. Simon again goes 0 for 4! Simon goes 0 for 5 and flubs a grounder! Simon goes 0 for 4 on four pitches! And so on. Just when I think Simon's year can't get any worse, he puts up another 0 for 4 and his rate stats drop even further. He's having an offensive season that would make a pitcher blush, and he's a starting first baseman who can't field or run. Really, it's fun, and now I can't even complain about the Pirates' absurd decision to play him instead of J.J. Davis, since Davis really does appear to be hurt this time. (J.R. House should be playing there instead, but what the heck, this is fun.) It seems that Simon will almost have to be released when Daryle Ward gets back. Bold prediction: Ward won't be much better than Simon after he returns.


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