Friday, July 30, 2004

Benson Finally Traded

And I gotta say... ugh. The Pirates get Wigginton, Peterson and Jose Bautista. Yeah, that's right: Jose Bautista, who they didn't have only because they didn't protect him in the Rule 5 draft. Because he was injured most of last year and because he was Rule 5'd this year, he hasn't played much at all since 2002.

Here's where it really looks ugly: the Mets acquire another minor leaguer in the deal, presumably from the Royals, and the Royals get catcher Justin Huber, one of the Mets' top prospects. In a separate deal, the Mets traded Scott Kazmir, who's their best pitching prospect, and another minor leaguer to the Devil Rays for starter Victor Zambrano. So, the Mets traded two top tier prospects and the Pirates didn't get either of them, despite the fact that they had the chit the Mets really wanted.

What did the Pirates get? A Rob Mackowiak clone (useful but not essential, particularly if you've already got the real thing), a middling pitching prospect, and a guy who's now lost two years because the Pirates didn't hold onto him in November.

What did they give up? The best starting pitcher on the market, and Ruben Mateo, who was traded to the Royals for future considerations or cash a while back. This deal stinks.


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