Monday, June 14, 2004

Fun with VORP

Here’s a fun little game. Take every AL team and add up the Value Over Replacement Player of every player who’s gotten the most at-bats at each “infield” position (1B, 2B, SS, 3B, C). Here are the top and bottom three:

Baltimore: 107.3
Detroit: 88.0
Texas: 86.7

Anaheim: 33.0
Kansas City: 26.8
Toronto: 12.6

The top three are anchored by three of the more pleasant surprises in the league. Melvin Mora (40.4), acquired from the Mets (with prospects) for a month of Mike Bordick, was a utility infielder basically until he turned 31 and the Orioles handed him an everyday utility role for lack of decent options at short, third and outfield. Since 2003 he’s done nothing but terrorize pitching and his acquisition was one of the lone bright spots of the Syd Thrift puppet regime. The Birds infield, as I’ve chosen to define it, has also gotten solid work from three of their four major free agent acquisitions, Miguel Tejada (20.6), Javy Lopez (17.6) and Rafael Palmeiro (18.5).

More fun with the list tomorrow.


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